Pakistan's 1st Hybrid Society Garden City



In this era, ideas of new thoughts and innovation are always a need yet not welcome with a warm heart but a blitz of determination and hard work is all it takes to put your vision into reality. Black Blitz as its name simplifies is a group of companies with a strong blitz of hope and determination having a sub-division of real estate, marketing & development. Sardar Haider Ali as its chairman is a renowned person with a self-made personality, who has the urge to bring something unique to real estate for the prosperity of Pakistan.  


Melbourne was the capital of Australia from 1907 to 1927. famously known for the city of the garden all around the world. it is also awarded as one of the world's top 3 most liveable cities since 2002. it is often referred to as the sporting capital of the world besides all of it Melbourne is also famous for its graffiti laneways excellent coffee & cultural diversity. we promise to deliver the people of Pakistan the exact replica of Melbourne even naming our block after its suburbs.      

welcome to the soft launching ceremony.